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Buying US-made clothing, so far

Welcome BeautyTips readers. You might be interested in my articles on US-made goods, sustainable living, cooperatives and unions, too. Ms. Theologian is talking about not buying clothes from China. I’ve written at length about my hunt for US-made, union-made, non-sweatshop-made clothing. See here, here and here. Let me plug three vendors. The mystery US-made underwear… Continue reading Buying US-made clothing, so far

Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes

Back in September, Hubby and I vacationed in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Seeing a Fuller Brush shop at an outlet mall in Reading, I stopped to see what was offered. There, in addition to two brushes made mostly of plastic, I found these US-made and evidently plastic-free shoe brushes. The small one is for daubing… Continue reading Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes

For flannelgraph: “green” felt

Good news ye crafty types: the Kunin Group makes craft felt from Ecospun-brand fiber, made exclusively from recycled PET bottles. That’s the #1 plastic most associated with soft-drink bottles. The fiber comes from the Foss Manufacturing Company, a United States mill that has remained in business by going after niche markets. (They also make fleece… Continue reading For flannelgraph: “green” felt

Finding sweatshop-free underwear

Ms. Theologian is currently considering sweatshop-free clothes here and here, beginning with a confession about underwear. I’ve written about men’s underwear here, here and here. (Is it any wonder I’m banned in China? And why I attract the most interesting spam?) But I don’t know a dang thing about women’s underthings. Which is why ‘d… Continue reading Finding sweatshop-free underwear

Top five articles for May

Few surprises that these were the most read articles in May for Boy in the Bands. “Where is Meadville Lombard going?” Like other–perhaps all–Unitarian Universalist ministers, I got an email from the Rev. Lee Barker, the president of Meadville Lombard Theological School . . . . “Buying US-made clothing, so far“. Ms. Theologian is talking… Continue reading Top five articles for May

I love my “clean” union-made, USA-made blue jeans

Did you see the recent episode of Independent Lens entitled “China Blue” on PBS? It is the undercover story of real Chinese garment workers who make blue jeans for the American and other markets. The workers make pennies to make our clothing while their bosses, the distributors and the marketers grow rich. Paid $100 for… Continue reading I love my “clean” union-made, USA-made blue jeans

Justice Clothing Company for “clean” togs

I don’t accept advertising, but I do laud companies that help me live out my Christian faith. When I buy clothes, I want good assurance that the people who make and sell them receive a fair wage and decent work standard. I prefer clothes that, through their materials and manufacture, depend on less energy to… Continue reading Justice Clothing Company for “clean” togs