9 thoughts on “Rockwell Universalist Church, Winder, Ga.”

  1. Three of us went for the first time this morning to Rockwell Church. It was really a good service. Great people. Splendid sermon. Good fellowship. There were two visitors there from Colombia, South America, too.

  2. I’m trying to figure out what the arch is in the chancel. Is it on the wall in back of the pulpit, or is it free-standing and overarching the entire platform? It’s hard to tell from the photo.

  3. Do you know who is the point of contact for weddings at the church? Is there someone who is a member that you can give me their contact info?

  4. Dear sirs my husband and I wanting to visit rockwell universalst church in winder but we don’t know when they meet can you let me know.

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