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Hungarian Unitarians promoting free and open source software

The website of Hungarian Unitarian church, in Hungary and Transylvanian Romania, points out three free and open source software projects — thank you, Google Translate! I use all three, and recommend them, too. Links to the English software sites follow:

Reading Stanton Coit

Stanton Coit (1857-1944) has always been one of “those names” — a Humanist source for pleasingly churchly worship material, a quoted authority, largely an enigma. Partly to since he was a Humanist, I wasn’t likely to come across him. But I saw some of his work in the 1937 Services of Religion (prepended to Hymns of the Spirit) and looked up his Wikipedia article, which provided much of the following reading list. See the links to read the PDFs. (Will fill in the gaps if the works appear online.) And thanks to Humanist Heritage for this delightful photo of Coit in beach togs.

Community Wayside Pulpit recap

Following up on the Community Wayside Pulpit thought — and the Twitter-ed news that it lives in Britain — I thought I’d start with some background from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Some history, the old sayings and the most recent (but not the newest thing…) series of posters as PDFs for printing locally.

Read these first before we consider what comes next.

Is there a Unitarian congregation in Mercy, Saskatchewan?

Happy days. I’ve been waiting for years to see a well-reviewed Canadian sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie (aka Little Mosque) and it’s now available on Hulu. It’s about a small Muslim community in the fictional town of Mercy, Sasketchewan. Cute, quirky, a bit broad and gently preachy in a distinctly Canadian way.

And then there’s this screenshot. Hmm. An announcements-in-worship themed plot device!

From season two, episode one episode “Grave Concern”.

Notes from another church fellowship

American Unitarians and Universalists have, for about a century, kept and extended fellowship through a series of institutions, the largest and most notable today is the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

The British (and independently the Scottish) Unitarians and Free Christians have a similar fellowship. And the Quakers have one globally.

But when I discovered the Coptic-jurisdiction British Orthodox Church had one,  I knew I had to investigate. And thus the background for the next couple of posts.

A short film of hope for dying congregations

I was searching online, clicking links and reading tonight when I found this charming, touching and pleasingly funny film short. It’s about a Jewish congregation in the East End of London trying to keep a minyan on Yom Kippur. Spend ten minutes and — if your congregation is in peril — hope.

“The Tenth Man”

And the punchline, for this blog? The Sandys Row Synagogue, where it was filmed, is a real place. And this is the actual building, in another age then known as the Parliament Court Chapel, where a spiritually-conflicted John Murray and his first wife, Eliza, heard the Universal Gospel from James Relly. In other words, this is where the “father of American Universalism” became a Universalist. It makes me think, and tremble a little.

Good idea for meetings: presentation template

Today was the first day for the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. Blessings to all y’all in Staffordshire!

And they have — presumably for presenters — a customized Powerpoint template. (Link to PPT file.) Must help keep a consistent theme with a minimum of effort. And one can open and edit it with the free (in cost and in freedom) LibreOffice Impress presentation editor.